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How Oncology Massage Helps Ease Fear

Do you want to feel like your old self again, free from pain, more energised, able to do the simple tasks of daily life? Is your biggest fear: never feeling the same again, fatigue, brain fog, pain, stiffness, ROM issues or feeling old?

These are all common feelings once you have been diagnosed with cancer and start to undergo treatment. It hits you pretty hard. With the intensity of treatment, more medication to combat the side effects of other medication, along with reduced movement, your body is being pushed every day to new limits. With my combined treatment that works on the person whilst the doctors take care of the patient, you can start to feel more like your old self again.

Amy Tyler, one of Australia’s most experienced oncology massage therapists, can help ease your fear and anxieties at her Sydney practice.

Compassionate care combined with rehabilitation allows your nervous system time to stop, rejuvenate and repair. Oncology massage offers the body a nurturing treatment that elicits a relaxation response. This in turn allows a calming of the mind, which allows better focus, improved sleep and more clarity. Another benefit of the relaxation response is a reduction in muscle tension, reducing pain and improving range of motion. So if reaching for your coffee cup has become an issue or getting out of bed is more difficult, why not try oncology massage? What have you got to lose?

When you have undergone extensive medical intervention and most appointments are talking about treatment options, or you are being poked and prodded, time out with an oncology massage allows a moment of peace and creates the freedom to be wholly you again.

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Amy talking in-depth about Oncology Massage

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