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When is the right time to have oncology massage?

One of the most popular questions I get asked is, when should I have my oncology massage? Likewise, referrers often ask this as they are not sure when to send their patients in. It really depends on why the person wants the oncology massage and what the intent of the massage is.

Massage and Chemotherapy

If you are wanting oncology massage to help ease anxiety associated with chemotherapy, then just prior to your chemotherapy session is a great time to book a treatment. If it is for side effects such as nausea, peripheral neuropathy or bowel dysfunction, then immediately post or within a few days, maybe best for you. Abdominal massage for constipation is one of the best kept secrets and patients benefit hugely from it once they discover it exists. Why not give it a go next time you get an oncology massage?

oncology massage, massage, cancerMassage and Scars (surgical or radiation)

Generally post surgery or during radiation therapy, patients start mentioning tension in surrounding tissue. Oncology massage and manual lymphatic drainage are suitable to be used immediately post surgery and during radiation treatment. We don’t work directly on the scar or radiated tissue at this time. We give it time to heal before any pull is created through the soft tissue via massage. However with oncology massage and manual lymphatic drainage, we can work surrounding structures and give great benefit for tension, pain and restrictions. To physically work on the scar tissue itself, we wait 6 weeks post surgery, or until the scar has visibly healed. For radiated tissue, generally we wait the same time frame post treatment as the patient had radiation treatment. ie 4 weeks post treatment if they had 4 weeks of treatment. But as mentioned, great benefit can come from massage elsewhere whilst the healing is happening.

So, anytime is the right time to have oncology massage, as it can be adapted to suit how you are feeling in the moment.

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