Amy Tyler
Therapeutic Massage

Finding Calm in the Chaos: Oncology, Scar, and Lymphoedema Massage.

The power of human touch is immense, as touch is a remarkable tool that can heal and relax both body and mind. When touch comes from the hands of a vastly experienced and compassionate expert, in the form of massage, it can ease pain, increase mobility, and allow for unprecedented levels of relief for a wide range of serious ailments.

Meet Amy

Meet Amy Tyler, your compassionate and highly qualified massage therapist. Amy has been practising since 2001, and has run her own practice since 2004. As well as being an in-demand remedial massage specialist, Amy also has extensive experience and qualifications in Oncology Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Scar Tissue Release and with her kind, considerate manner and in-demand skill set, she takes great pleasure in making a hugely positive difference to the lives of her numerous clients on a daily basis. 


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Please don’t forget, our specialised massage therapy options are often extremely personal experiences and it’s best practice if we talk first, then book you in. We need to connect and discuss the right options for your first consultation and then move forward with your unique treatment.