Lymphatic Drainage Massage Sydney

Lymphatic Drainage is an extremely light treatment used to move lymph fluid. It reduces swelling which can build up in limbs post surgery, or following chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, due to the lymphatic system being compromised. It is an extremely relaxing treatment and does not work any muscle. The treatment utilises certain pressures and rhythmic movements to move the lymph through vessels from the swollen region to viable lymph nodes, and then back into the lymphatic ducts. Lymphatic Drainage can be used for Lymphoedema management, pre and post surgery, or during healing from injury. 

Scar tissue can also impede lymphatic flow, putting pressure/restrictions on vessels that are already working within a compromised system. Combining Scar Tissue Release with Manual Lymphatic Drainage can enhance the results of your treatment.

Amy holds a Diploma of Lymphatic Drainage which included training in compression bandaging and garment measurement, however she no longer performs these additional services.

Quite often, lymphatic drainage also needs the oversight of other trained health professionals, and it is common practice for Amy to refer you out to a local Physiotherapist or OT while you are undergoing a treatment plan. If you already have a practitioner, let Amy know and she can forward any relevant information. If not, she can refer you to a tried and tested specialist that will enhance the level of care and work in tandem with Amy to bring as much relief to your condition as possible.

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