Scar Tissue Release: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

Scars can form for many reasons. Whether it be from surgery, accident, injury, or burns, they can have a debilitating effect on the body. As the fascial matrix (inner connective tissue that spans the entire human body) is one complete connective element, any kink or pull can affect the whole system. Therefore a restrictive scar can create a pull on this surrounding connective tissue (fascia), but can result in pain or range or motion issues further afield. Due to this cascading effect, the rest of the body then overcompensates. Restrictive scar tissue and adhesions can also put additional pressure onto lymphatic vessels, blood vessels and nerves running through an afflicted region, as well as having an affect on organ and muscle function.

Amy’s specific training in advanced rehabilitation techniques for scar tissue release can increase flexibility and develop greater range of motion, allowing clients to return to daily tasks with much greater ease. Bringing feeling back into a region which once may have felt disconnected from the body, often allows the client to feel whole again.

Scar tissue release can oftentimes also reduce the appearance of a scar, as well as dealing with the physiological and psychological effects on the body and this can bring completely new levels of freedom and confidence to a patient’s life. 

“Scars tell a story of where you have been. They don’t dictate where you are going.” – Unknown

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