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Cording Relief Through Massage

Cording is an uncomfortable condition that often follows breast cancer surgery.

Also known as Axillary Web Syndrome, cording is something most people know nothing about, until of course they get it. Then, it is often not dealt with immediately. Caused by a hardening of lymphatic vessels post surgery for breast cancer, the sensation feels like an elastic band, cord or rope running down the arm or chest wall and occurs within weeks or even months post treatment. It can restrict movement of the arm and shoulder and create pain along the cord. Seeking out treatment sooner rather than later often leads to faster recovery. Gentle rehabilitative massage techniques and exercises are extremely effective and it is important for patients to know they do not have to live with these unwanted side effects of cancer treatment.

cording, breast cancer, oncology, post-op
Amy Tyler, one of Australia’s most experienced Oncology Massage practitioners, working with a post-op patient in her amazing Sydney practice.

Incorporating oncology, scar and lymphoedema massage together is a great way to deal with cording. Gone are the days where therapists used to snap the cord, which in turn unfortunately created more scar tissue. Oncology massage offers a gentle approach to dealing with the cord itself, improves the range of motion to the affected shoulder, softens tight tissue, reduces pain or sensitivity in the region and also help with the emotional issues of yet another side effect to treatment. Manual lymphatic drainage can be utilised to shift any stagnant fluid caught by tense soft tissue putting restriction onto lymphatic vessels.

It is important for every person diagnosed with breast cancer (female or male) to understand they do not need to live with these side effects that limit daily living and it is time every patient is offered rehabilitative treatment options post surgery to limit the negative effects of surgery, enhance outcomes and boost recovery.

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